Anti-Spam Email Cloaking 3.0

Here, you can protect your email address with my Anti-Spam Email Cloaking script.  Using this free, open source email cloaking constructor, you don't need to write "" or you (at) there (dot) com or even, as it generates a handy mailto: link cloaked and invisible to 99% of spam email harvesters!

Here's an example:

And here, you can make your own - including full Unicode support, allowing characters such as ™, , これ, or even 这.

Anti-Spam Email Cloaking Constructor

Enter the text you want displayed as the link:

Enter your email address:
(don't worry, this is anti-spam, I won't give it away, or even record it anywhere.)

     CSS Class      CSS Style      ID

Preview: This cloaking script requires JavaScript to work!

Add this HTML code in your site where you want the link to show up:

Note: This anti-spam email cloaking is provided free of charge - a link to this page or my site would be appreciated, but is not required by any means.  If you would like to view the source code of this constructor, right-click (or control-click for Mac) on this page and select "View Page Source".  This constructor is entirely written in JavaScript, and is available through the MIT license.


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