JSWindows and JSInterface


JSWindows is a JavaScript-based windowing system that I developed to create dynamic user interfaces.  Windows and form elements can be created on-the-fly, or from precoded scripts, and are fully interactive. Utilizing these design principles allows users to interact with web-based applications in a similar way to desktop-based applications.  It currently supports all major browsers and mobile devices. (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, iPhone, Android, etc.)

Example Multi-Window User Interface:
Example Multi-Window User Interface for JSWindows, displaying the GoFishDB Demo


 JSInterface is a JavaScript asynchronous client-server interfacing library.  It has two primary modes: interfacing with a PHP module to transfer data and arrays, for example to perform further server-side processing; or requesting and parsing JSON data from a server.  It fully supports Unicode, automatic error detection, character escaping and data sanitization for security, and works in all major browsers.


JSWindows is used in my Counting Music activity here.

Open-Source Downloads

Both JSWindows and JSInterface are available under the MIT License and can be downloaded here: JSWindows source code, JSInterface (JSON Version) source code

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